22 iulie 2011

Wood spoon

Because I didn't resist temptation not to carve in this wood

I made a spoon ...

But not relly a simple Spoon, ... a SPOON and a FORK, shortened SPORK :-)

It si made from cherry wood, and sanded with 40,80,100,180,240,320,400,500,1000,2000,2500.
The substance which result is silky than china :-)

10 comentarii:

  1. Nice wooden Spork :)) Great job as usual.
    Congratulation !

  2. Fain spork-ul! am incercat sa fac si eu prima lingura ever! http://cif-bushcraft.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-first-woodenthing.html
    p.s. sa nu razi foarte tare. chiar e prima :))

  3. Merci Cif, felicitari pentru prima ta lingura si la cat mai multe. Eu o sa iau o pauza o perioada, apoi ma reprofilez pe jucarii in lemn pt. micutul meu :-)

  4. faina lingura, multa rabdare nu? :))

  5. multumes :-) rabdare ... destula, sunt ardelean :-D

  6. Why use sand? If u learn to carv with right tools, it wil be smoth like china to. Sanding makes wooden sculptures lose the shapes. Trye work with the grain. Of u sand it so much, why even bother carving it? U take away al the clean lines and shapes. Then try to make them thinner. How does it feel in the mouth? Compare to a steel spoon. Its no problem to make a spoon thin, so it feels nice in the mouth. Look at old used spoons. They are paper thin, bit they follow the grain. And now core in them.
    Good luck!
    Peter from norway.

  7. Thank you Peter for comment and advise. I am a begginer and I didn't know almost nothing about sculpture. Every thing what I do with wood is only intuition. I know, I have many to learn.
    Thank you again.

  8. 11 mărimi ! am obosit numărându-le doar; cât ți-a luat șlefuitul? :)

  9. Mult, nu mai stiu ... exercitii de rabdare :-)
    Oricum chiar si cu 11 granulatii ... mai am pana ajung la rabdarea sfintilor :-)
    Sa ai o zi buna.